Saturday, 1 December 2012

Why is it NOT easy to woo a friend, and How to woo a female friend?

If you are friends with a girl with the intention to have her as your girlfriend, no matter what the platform is from where you picked her up - Facebook, Yahoo, Workplace, college... etc. The first thing thatyou should do is find out about the guys in her life. 
And that means - EVERY GUY. 

Step I - Know who your competition is. 
Come on, guys, you know it from everywhere that real world is not movies, so stop thinking like you're in one.

Guy meets girl, they become friends, they fall in love = Crap.
You have to do a lot more than that to have your friend as your lover now. Why?
- Competition. 

- Her own world of how my perfect guy should be like. 
- Her friends' boyfriends with whom she compares her choices. 
- Money 
- future
- Your habits/ likes/ dislikes that she might have a problem with. 
and similar stuff. The point is that there are so many things you have to look after that the plain definition of falling in love doesn't matter.

Step II - Constantly suspect her in your mind.

Don't just sit there and buy anything she is giving you. Girls are very smart nowadays, and especially in relationships, they know exactly how to balance any given number of guys. 
And if you're the one being balanced, then she would lie to you. Not about big things, but yes, maybe about other guys, or if she went out with someone for a coffee - stuff that perhaps she can do with you too but doesn't want to yet. 
Research of facebook, see in her pictures, if there is something fruity going on between a guy and her, and it would be very evident in the pics, and if not in the pics, just check the comments. She might shut up, but her female friends won't. 

Step III - Do not completely fall in love with a girl, just because she is beautiful and she befriended you. 

That's what happens all the time, and then people blame that we were friends and she left me. Did you even try to find if she was in a relationship before, or was interested in someone else, or similar stuff? Not that it is impossible to woo her. All this doesn't matter. But I am talking about love here, just being in a relationship and being in mad love are two different things. 
So, first do your research and then decide. 

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