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She only wants to remain friends, and not a Couple. How do I woo her?

(solution to a relationship problem) 

Things that you know and do:
- You are in love with her.
- You both are in the same college, the same friends' circle infact. 
- You both are not good friends individually  but as a group. 
- She rarely calls or messages you, it's you who does everything. 
- She thinks you are pretentious. 
- She is right. You are pretentious. Why? 
You won't ever realize that but by the situation you have provided me of yourself pretty much shows that you don't get much opportunities to have quality time with her alone or impress her with by not wanting to impress her at all, that is naturally.
 And in such circumstances you do whatever you can in order to catch her attention which is making her think that you are pretentious, which is not a good point. 

- Start impressing everybody BUT her.

You see you have to deal with two problems:  
- You have to impress her in order to woo her. 
- You have to erase this image of being pretentious from her mind. 

How do you do that? 

Always remember: You are awesome, if you believe that, that is the only thing you need to woo a girl.  
You have to be awesome with your stories now, stories that will reach her from every body but directly. Here is what you do stepwise: 

1)  Step 1 - Stop texting/ calling her now. 

This certain act of yours is showing you weak infront of her. She might subconsciously take you for granted, or not even care because you are not anything special to her until now. 
What you want to do is to her to text you and call you from now. And how do we make that happen? By following steps:

2) Step 2 - Target her friends and change your personality completely in front of them. 

This is the time to act weird, awesome, cool or whatever you prefer, but all these people are your words, because unknowingly they are going to carry your word to her. Every guy acts a little different when he is in front of the girl he likes, it is natural but often a bad card for your wooing game. But in front of her friends who are your friends too, this card doesn't exist, you are totally yourself and I suppose you believe that you are awesome. 

3) Step 3 - Stop hanging out with her too. 

This should be step 2, but understand carefully. For a little time stop hanging out with her, make her miss you even though it may take a little time. Why would she miss you? 
This is helpful two -ways: 
1) If she has any feelings for you she doesn't know of, she'd miss your presence. 
2) When you are always hanging out as a group, the certain people become a part of your routine or habit, and that would make her miss you eventually. 

But in both the cases she is going to think about you, and maybe call you to have a chat. 
Note: This is momentary, just for a little while, so just come up with some excuse. But when she'll notice that you are still hanging out with other friends, she would be confused and may call you then, either ways she calls you. 

4) Step 4 - Change yourself completely. 

All the while when you are not in touch with her you have to make sure that your stories are reaching her. Do everything that you can - cool, crazy, awesome stuff with your friends.
- Change your music style completely. Start listening to death metal and grow strange beards. 
- Tell everyone that have decided now and you are gay. 
- Get a tattoo and piercings. (only temporary)
 (These are only different random suggestions, you can carefully choose things that suit you)
The secret to it is - Do exactly the opposite of what you would have normally done in the situation.
My point is, Do crazy stuff that will make people talk about you. And she can't find what's going with you. Your staying away will naturally erase the idea of you being pretentious from her mind, and convert it to a truth because now you are in reality doing extreme crazy stuff.
And trust me, such crazy things attract girls a lot. 

5) Step 5 - She is thinking about you most of the time now. 

It's working. There was a time when she hardly thought about you, but now, because of the people and your little stupid acts, all this has come to life. 

6) Re-join the group. 

Just be what you are, the opposite of what she used to be friends with. And from this point, she will take all the efforts to talk to you and call you.
Whenever you feel right, directly ask her if she would like to be your girlfriend?

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