Saturday, 1 December 2012

How to get Girls in College!

Two things: 

- You are a victim of the common perspective that many guys hold, that a popular girl is hard to woo or is impossible to woo. Because of her outward qualities, guys make themselves inferior and don't take actions. 
- How do you get a Girl to talk to you if she is really popular!

Some very common attributes of popular chicks amongst guys are:

1) Because they know they are beautiful, they pay a lot of attention on how they look.
That meant: 
-- They are a little dumb. 
-- What you thought in the first place was wrong, she does care about you, why do you think she is dressing up? 

2) They actually want popularity too. 
-- which is the reason why they aren't careerists. 
-- which explains they are easily woo-able because they are running after something that won't last for long. 
-- because they cannot understand all of this, they are dumb. 

3) They are always entangled in the most stupid/ idiotic/ trivial activities.

4) They love being in groups, having friends who classify them a little higher, and having many guy friends.  

5) They love hanging out, partying, and doing all sorts of social stuff that is needed to keep their image alive, 

Basically they are bimbos. Yes, most of the chicks who run after popularity or an image are bimbos. They fall for traps easily; all you have to have is a half-kilogram of brains applied onto a plan. But if you love her, you'll have to change yourself a little, and be a little extrovert. 
How do you know she will say a yes or no? 
It is very easy to find out with such chicks because as they have a certain standards to follow in everything, they apply a special sort of attention in figuring out what kind of guy they would like or not; and this very results can be viewed by observing her male friends. Notice what she likes in them: 
- Many a time, it is the clothing and the guys are absolutely dumb. That would mean she is just into appearances, which means her life is hollow, and if you are in love with her, i'd suggest you to re-consider. 
- Many a time there is a pattern, like many popular girls like to have smart guys around them, or geeks. That means she doesn't match people up with their appearances or social strata. 
You have to observe such patterns and you can easily find by comparing them to yourself, that if she would say a yes or No. Exception: This entire post was NOT about girls who have achieved popularity because of their academic excellence or related. If that is the case, then you might have confused me by using the term 'popularity', because that is a wrong term. So watch it. 

(Post your relationship/ dating problems for detailed solution within 12 hours)

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