Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Girl is Very Smart and in a Relationship, How do I woo her?

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You have basically told me in your description of your problem, that she is very smart and she condescends you, which means, somehow you're not important to her right now, which also means you haven't really done anything yet to make her feel you could be important.


- You're not different from any guy she has met. 
- She expects you to be boring, and you remain so. 
- She thinks she is better than you.

In one of my articles, "How to attract/ impress/ woo smart girls!" I have clearly mentioned the best way to woo smart girls is to defeat them in their area of expertise - I have called it defeating their forte.
Now I have no confirmation that she is actually smart or just plain cocky, because cocky girls also have the same tendencies to condescend people as they think they are better than most of the people in the world.

Things you have to do: 

- You haven't mentioned this, but do you talk to her on the phone? If yes, test her whether she is smart or not.
How do you do that? 

Observe three things about the field of study she has chosen: 
- Her knowledge about that field. 
- Her dedication. 
- Her knowledge about things outside her field. 

You don't have to be a genius to notice that. Do not care about the details, just notice her voice and observe the time she is devoting in talking about these things.

How do you woo this girl?

1) Start your conversations with, "This amazing thing happened today,"
Why? You have bored her which is why you might not be a good friend in her list. Start amusing her now. Make up stories from charities to fun to adventures to anything you can imagine and is practical. For example: do not say you were abducted by Pirates.

When you don't have much material to talk about, or you know that you are not a very spontaneously innovative with talking, have stories that keep her busy and they become the amusing topics. Trust me, there is nothing better than an amazing story.

2) Talk to her more and more and more...

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