Saturday, 1 December 2012

Should I move to Another City to Live with my Girlfriend or Not?

(relationship problem by Jimmy Cargon)

The number of factors that influence your situation are:

- Your dreams.
- Your job
- Your Personal condition
- Financial condition
- Preference 
and so on, depending on people to people.

But, apart from all of these things, what is most important? The most important thing is what makes you happy. So the basic question comes down to, is the love that you share with this woman absolute?
What you must ask yourself is, is it something you can completely rely on? If there is doubt in your mind, then you should definitely go and find out if it is true or not.
Or else, if one day, she finds another man or the relationship breaks because of any reason, you'd blame yourself for simply not being there, and trust me, spare yourself of that blame. 

It's not a choice of a day, so I wouldn't suggest you pack your bags right away. You should consider the following things:

- Who has a more stable career? If she does, then do not ask her to come back to your city. (only if the chances of her success are same as they are in her current city)

- What are the chances of your success in the city she is? Whatever career you have chosen, be positive, and find out if you can equally explore it her city as well or not! 

- Do you really love her and want to be with her? 

The last one is the most important question. If the answer is yes, then prepare yourself, research, and take this journey. Always remember, that people might say it's not a manly thing to do, but if you care about this thought or give food to this sort of thinking, it's foolish and you'll going to end up hurting yourself badly (emotionally). 

At last, even if the relationship doesn't last, you'd know the reason exactly why, and won't be blaming yourself, consequently psychologically scarring yourself and your approach towards relationship. 

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