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How to Find out Why You Got Rejected by a Girl!

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The number of factors that commonly influence a girl's choice to pursue a romantic relationship with the opposite sex are: 

- Appearances
- Same Interest
- Fascination/ Amusement
- Personal Gains. 
- Very Good understanding between one another. 
Some crazy theory of hers. 

1. Appearances:
The first one is very common, and although it is restricted very much to teenage girls, many girls even after they are adults and very mature adults, like to follow their romantic relationships based on the grounds of good looks. It is easily noticeable. If you are added in their social network, for example, Facebook, Twitter, you can easily notice that they follow Good Looking celebrities very much. They would often, on their homepage, discuss with their female friends,excessively how 'Hot' he looks/ or how 'Hot' is body is, and similar details.
Now if you get rejected by one of these girls, chances are they didn't appreciate your looks, or probably your looks mean more to her friends than to her. In this case, I think you should probably take your time and prepare yourself for someone better, for whom you wouldn't be a commodity to show off to her friends.

2. Same Interest

Same interests, oftentimes can be misunderstood as people sharing same interests. Must remember: Sharing same interests with a girl will get you her attention, not her interest. In order to gain a girl's interest, you have master the arts. And that is what i mean. Girls definitely like to go out with winners, even though silent winners. You just have to convince her that you are one. So in case you share same interests, be prepared to have just more than names, have the potential to stand out from others. 

3. Fascination/ Amusement. 
This would range from Picking-up women by Humor to possession of masterful arts such as magic, story-telling... This is the key to a woman's heart - entertainment. If you can keep her amused, she would always prefer you over a good looking guy or a rich guy anyday. The day you get boring and repetitive, or you are boring and repetitive from the start, she wouldn't even herself know when she got attracted to another guy who kept her amused all the time. 

4. Personal Gains. 
It's there. Yes, girls who date guys only for gains. These girls are called Gold-diggers. If you love one of them, you can try to change them, or better, reconsider your plan. There are many beautiful, understanding, self-sufficient, smart women, who don't care about money.

5.  Good understanding b/w one another. 

Chemistry. This is a very good reason to be in a relationship. But if you still get rejected, you have to understand that you are in the illusion of having a chemistry. Because if you share good chemistry with a girl, it naturally supposes that you are also her good friend, which means you would know what her preferences in men are. And you can easily work on the things that you lack, if any. 

6. Crazy theory of her. 
That is an exception. But yes, there are girls walking this planet right now, who have their own secret theories on how to meet their guy, or how her Guy would fit into a self-imagined persona. Any other thing, no matter how attractive, isn't okay with them. If you get rejected by a girl like this, you should find out if this is the reason. And if it is, don't ever even count it as a rejection. Just move on. 

These are some basic reasons why girls fall into relationships with men. If you get rejected by a girl, you can reflect back on these points and try to see if anyone of them fits into your situation. 

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