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The Girl is Older than me and in a Relationship, How do I attract her?

(Solution to a relationship Problem posted by yogesh.bbps@gmailcom)

First of all, as far as the age is concerned, you have to find out the Girl's viewpoint on that, because what you and I think, does not matter. 

How to know if she has a problem with you being younger than her?
It can be very easily known just by talking to her. Carefully observe two things:

1) Her way of treatment. 
How does she treat you? If she treats you like an immature being/ constantly advises you/ repeats how you don't know certain things that only come by experience/ then she has an ideology, according to which, older people are wise. 
If not, and she treats like a normal friend, irrespective of the age gap, then good for you.

2) Her Dialogues. 
Do not only rely on the conclusion you might find from the above point. You could be an exception because of several reasons, for example: let's assume you are very smart.
You have to find out completely if she has any problem in dating guys younger than her or not.
(Note: Do it smartly and not directly by asking her)

If you find out that she has a problem with dating younger guys, don't worry, it can easily be brainwashed by story-telling.

Your scene right now is:
- You call/ message her 
- She doesn't have many friends
- She is committed. 
- She is older

What i see from above is a string of opportunities, how? 

- If she doesn't have many friends, that's a great opportunity when you make her insecure about this current relationship, because when she would be confused, she wouldn't have many friends to straighten her up. On the contrary, you can take full advantage in that situation by being the trouble causing agent and also the solution provider - both at the same time. 

- You call and message her. Well, I don't see any problem in that, the only reason why she doesn't call or message you often is because you're not entertaining enough right now. There is no other reason, do not feel satisfied by thinking that because she has a boyfriend, she does not call you. Step up your game.

- She is committed? Does not matter. Game is everything.

- We have already discussed the last point above.

I can list what you must do, stepwise:
1) Analyze: You talk to her on the phone, right? The first step is to stop assuming, and start pushing the boundaries. Find out what she is like. Notice the topics she takes most interest in, are they decent or indecent?
2) Entertain her as much as you can: It does not matter for how long you talk to her on the phone, or with any girl, what matters is the quality of content. 

- If you lack sense of humor, try playing games with her on the phone; Google good jokes, particularly dark humor (something uncommon) that might interest her. 
- Always have topics to talk about, don't be a blank slate. 
- Prepare the conversation before calling her - if you do this, you'd be more confident, your diction would improve, and you can also improvise. 

3) Mix the above two: After you have understood her boundaries, start mixing entertainment with the topics she love the most. That ways, you become interesting to her very much.
4) Talk about her relationship as much as you can.
When you do that, she will naturally start talking about the things that she dislikes about this relationship/ her boyfriend. Use them and stress on them as much as you can, but in a conversational manner, like you are just chatting. 

5) Plant the idea of a better life without her boyfriend, by giving hypothetical scenarios. 
Maker her imagine as much as she can about a more tempting life, or about a more tempting boyfriend, or about freedom - whatever she'd prefer. 

6) Wait for her boyfriend to make a mistake and that is your time to strike.

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