Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I am in love with a Girl on Facebook. How do I get her?

(solution to a relationship problem) 

First of all, you do not woo a girl on Facebook. What you do is become good friends with her. That's its limit. If you want to woo this girl, then you'd have to know and be friends with her personally. Facebook can arrange for her number, and that's how far it goes. 

What you do is: 
1) You talk to her and get her number. 
How do you do that? 
It can be done in many ways: 
-- You tell her there's a purpose behind talking to her - professionally or intellectually. 
-- You can make up a story of how you are struggling in your career (anything artistic) and you need people (close friends with a good taste) to check your work and tell you if it is good enough or not. 
-- Chat with her often; develop a friendship and naturally obtain her number. 
-- Tell her that you're making a band and you need a female vocalist. 
-- You're very interested in what she is doing and want to know more about her work. 
-- You are a counsellor and want to solve her problems. (if she is those problem stuck chicks)

The reasons can be plenty, all you have to do is think.

2) After you get the number, message often but call less.


- Don't message at all but when you talk, make it mind-blowing that she gets compelled to call you again. 

That totally depends on if you are a good-talker or not. All you need to do is to entertain her on the phone, show a little insight about her, pretend as if you completely understand her mind. 
Get some really mind-blowing stories about you that would keep her pre-occupied thinking about how awesome you are! 


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