Tuesday, 11 December 2012

how to become friends with a girl quickly?

When you talk to a girl and it is going to be a long conversation, it is obvious that the conversation has to revolve around other people. If you don’t share any mutual friends, then it’s a boon because you have whole new stories to hear. The more you talk, the more pleasant it is; but the things you should remember are:

- Don’t criticize anyone 
- Joke as much as you can, but don't lose the direction of the conversation. 
- Let's say you are very creative, and you creatively engage her with your humor and story-telling, but when it's over, Do remember to bring her back to the point again. 

(You can be direct with above-mentioned conversation too) 

Guy: Tell me about that friend of yours. I have noticed her looking outside the window during the class, I think she has an interest in flies. Just Kidding. 

(Making fun of the third person (female friend) is important because you don't want to give an idea that you might be interested in her and that's why you are asking, even though you just wanna strike a conversation. 

Also, talk about her Guy friends:

Boy: And how many guys are there in the list of your good friends? 

If she asks 'why are you asking me that', you can say: 

Boy: I am just checking if you are not a sexist, hoping you treat the poor male species fairly.
Boy: No no no. I am not thinking that. I totally believe you are straight. I was just asking!
Boy: Come on, be a sport, Don't apply the Sherlock Holmes' brains on my simple question, Just answer. 

Things you avoid: 
- What are you doing? - What did you do the whole day?
- What did you eat?
- Did you have your lunch/ supper?
- So, what now?
- Why don't you ask me anything? (that's the end of your relationship)

Here is the stepwise way of having one conversation that will change the entire course of your relationship:
I - You talk about her friends. 
Girls NEVER mind to talk about this, to them, it's general talk. The secret behind this is, you are not talking about weather or sports, you are talking about her life. Such a talk will give you a LOT of understanding of her mind. Secondly, she will tell you a LOT about her friends, all you need to do is device a good pattern of questions so you don't seem to run out of new questions. Some examples are mentioned above. 

II- You immediately change the topic and get directly into her private life.
Why do you do that? There are two reasons behind this:
- First, by talking about her friends, you have subconsciously involved her in an activity of revealing stuff to you - intimate or general. Because of this continuing activity, she can't take control and stop sharing stuff, which she has been doing for past 15 - 30 or 45 minutes (depends on how creative you are).
- Second,  you just have one conversation PLUS you don't want to sound boring PLUS your real wooing starts from here.

There is a 20 % chance she might say: 'I don't wanna talk about it', which generally doesn't happen if you are playing your cards right; but if she does, start telling her about your made-up relationship, and how sadly it broke off and how cute it was. If you do that perfectly, she will answer your question.

Now all of this should take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes, anything less would mean you are doing it wrong and speeding it. Time is the key.

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