Saturday, 1 December 2012

She talks to me over other Guys. Does she like me?

(solution to a relationship problem)

First, the number of signs which guys take as the meaning for 'she loves me', are: -
- She is my good friend.
- We have just recently become too close.
- We are best friends since childhood.
- She shares all her secrets and problems with me.
- She trusts me a lot.
- She messages me 'goodnight' and 'goodmorning' everyday.
- And similar stuff. 

Now none of the things above means that she loves you. She might love you and do any of this, but that does not at all mean that these are any sort of signs.
A girl can just do all of these things by being your friend and secretly having a boyfriend at the other end. Why boys lose control is out of the excitement. They think what is going on with them is exclusive and say I love you when she is not even ready.

Now what are the signs:

1) If she loves you, you'll know. 
A girl becomes extra inclined towards you when she is in love and NOT trusting and sharing.

Trusting and Sharing = Friendship 

Signs of love are:
- Being all over you
- minding little things you say
- wanting to be with you to the limit it gets a little weird

- Hates that you are too casual about something you should be serious 
- Takes too much interest in your life 
- Feels bad or jealous when you are talking about other girls 
- Never refuses anything you say. 
- says sorry about little things
- puts you above other friends

And these are the signs when any type of girl will fall for you.

2) A girl ALWAYS tells her friend(s).
A girl always has a best friend(s) she tells everything to. And if she has fallen for you, then that's the biggest thing going around in her life and it is bound to be known to her BFFs or whatever they are called. I have told this before, and once more, if you want to find out, just get really close to her female friends. Call them your cute little baby sisters that you love more than anything in your life, and they would help you with anything.

3) Try to make one conversation. (if you are strangers and you want to find out if she is into you or not) 
If she is into you, and had been interested in you then she will talk to you quite normally and wouldn't mind starting a friendship. But if she is not, the conversation is simply going to be weird.
Now please remember: This isn't the picking-up girl conversation I am talking about. 

(If you have any relationship/ dating problems, post it here and you'd be replied with a detailed answer within 12 hours) 

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