Saturday, 1 December 2012

How to break up a couple?

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First of all, you need to understand that if you are putting all the efforts in the beginning, it doesn't matter! Do not think or try to see your place in her life when you are just a friend in her life, because you are just a friend, but what you have to try to do is, do as much as you can to change your place from just being a friend to whatever you can make. 

The things you should do: 

1) Talk about all the negative things of her boyfriend. 

Things like: 
- What is it that you think he should understand about you? 
- What is one think you don't like about him? 
- Do you think his dressing sense is cool? 
- Is he okay with your dressing up whichever way you like? 
- Is he possessive? If yes, don't you think it's a little weird? 
- Has he ever said anything rude to any of your friends? 
- Is he suspicious about non-important things? 
- Is he suspicious about your male friends? (if yes) He doesn't trust you enough? 
- and think of more questions. 

The thing is, I am not saying all of these questions will hit the bull's eye, but many of them will. So try whatever you have and talk as much about it as you can, so you make her think about it. And the next time when she will fight with him, she would unknowingly start mentioning about these things. 

2) Ask her what's the perfect guy for her. 

Tell her to forget about her boyfriend for a second, and think independently. And when she does, and you get the image, compare it to her boyfriend. Tell her it's not at all like her boyfriend, in fact it's like the opposite. 

3) Compliment her beyond limits - only about how smart she is. 

Whenever a guy has a fight with his girlfriend, he tells her how stupid she is! Trust me they do. If you constantly assure her that she is the smartest person you have met, she wouldn't believe her boyfriend saying that, on the contrary she will be furious. 

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